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BlackBox Motion Control System X32

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Stepper Drivers:

  • 4 x High Powered 4.0A (Peak) Stepper Drivers
  • Up to 1/32nd Microstepping (Defaulted to 1/8 for higher torque)
  • Built in Cooling solution / through airflow design
  • Easy current adjustment
  • Capable of true 2/3/4 axes motion control
  • Rotary
  • CoreXY
  • Cartesian
  • Polar


  • Dual configurable onboard Relays for Plasmas, Spindles, etc
  • Router (Enable) and VFD Spindle (Direction, Enable, 0-10v) Supported
  • PWM Output for Lasers
  • Servo Output for Pen Plotters
  • Pick and Place solenoid VAC
  • Controlled Air Assist
  • Up to 24v 5A Switched Output for Coolant or LED devices


  • 3x Optocoupled Endstop Inputs with power supply (5/24v). Suitable for passive or active mechanical, optical and inductive switches
  • 1x Optocoupled XYZ Probe Input
  • Door sensor input


  • High performance 32 Bit Processor
  • USB Interface for Plug and Play
  • WIFI Support
  • SD Card Support


  • WiFi
  • USB
  • SD
  • Bluetooth
  • Xtension System
  • WEB UI


  • Easy V-Slot/C-Beam compatible mounting
  • Dimensions: 171mm (Mounting flange included) x 80mm x 36.4mm


  • Supported by OpenBuilds CONTROL software
  • Supports OpenBuilds Interface
  • Supports GrblHAL Firmware

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