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Aluminum Spacers - Singles

This item is not currently in Stock, but is available for pre-order - typically a one week delay for pre-ordered items.

Lengths available (only lengths in stock will show as purchase option)

1/8" 1/4" 1.5"  3mm 6mm 9mm 20mm 35mm 40mm 

These are awesome, high quality, custom made aluminum spacers. They are great at making sturdy standoffs/spacings for your projects.

Metric version of the spacer is 10mm OD which makes a very stable platform.

The spacer has M5 ID (5mm) to give a thicker wall to keep the screw snug and centered.

These spacers can be used in all sorts of builds. For example, We use the spacers to create a space between the stepper motor and motor mounting plate. This allows for room to mount hardware such as couplers and belt pulleys to the motor shaft.

An assortment of the most popular sizes are available.

QTY 1 = 1 Spacer

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