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4 PIN Aviation Plug Connectors - RS765 (GX12)

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4 PIN Aviation Plug Connectors - RS765 (GX12)

Type : RS765 (GX12)

Male (Cable End) and Female (Panel) sold seperately

A great way to connect stepper motors to your control box!

Size : 4pin

Shell : Zinc,nickel plating

Install diameter : 12mm

Knurled nut : Copper,nickel plating

Insulator : Bakelite inner core

Installation way : Thread tighten

Plug with socket connection type : Thread tighten

Environment temperature : -50~+70

Relative humidity : When temperature is +40C° achieve 98%

Atmospheric pressure : Reach 4,4kpa

Vibration : vibration frequency 10~100Hz,acceleration 100m/s2

Shock : Frequency 60~80 times/min,acceleration 250m/s2

Centrifuge : Acceleration 250m/s2

Nominal voltage : 300V

Rated current : 5A

Contact resistance : not more than 5Ω

Insulation resistance : Normal conditions ≥500MΩ,temperature after test ≥20MΩ

Temperature rise : No more than ambient temperature +50

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