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1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 Camera Brass Threaded Inserts

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Perfect inserts for Camera / Tripod mounting

3/8" - 16  Brass Screw-to-Expand Inserts for Plastics
0.06" Thick Flange
Suggested Max Hole Size 0.4375"
Installed Length 0.625"
Min Material Thickness 0.564"

Made from brass, these inserts are nonmagnetic,corrosion resistant, and electrically conductive.The flange provides a load bearing surface for use in weak plastics. Press or hammer the insert into a drilled hole, then install a screw to expand the insert and drive the knurls into the surrounding plastic to keep it secure. Installed length includes the flange


1/4" - 20  Brass Screw-to-Expand Inserts for Plastics
Suggested Max Hole Size 0.348"
Installed Length 0.3"
Min Material Thickness 0.3"

1/4" - 20  Long Brass Screw-to-Expand Inserts for Plastics
Suggested Max Hole Size 0.316"
Installed Length 0.5"
Min Material Thickness 0.5"

Plastic softens when heated during installation,then cools to solidify around the insert's knurls and ridges to resist torque and pull-out. These are also known as Ultrasert inserts. Create a hole with a drill bit and taper the hole to the larger hole diameter using a reamer, then install the insert using a soldering iron with an installation tip (sold separately). Inserts are made from brass, which is nonmagnetic, corrosion resistant,and electrically conductive.

For Heat Set it is Recommend it is installed with proper Installation Tip for Soldering Iron (Sold separately)


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